Week 4 Reflection (4/2)

This week was a little bit of a mess for my running schedule. My original plan was to have my 3 mile test on Thursday, so I pushed up my runs by a day. Monday turned into my 3 mile run, Tuesday was now my bench marking run and Wednesday was going to be my rest day. When my 3 mile was cancelled on Thursday, I made that a rest day again and waited until Friday.

Workouts: With a lot more rest days for running this week, I had lots more time to get to the gym to workout. Monday was the normal back and biceps routine. Tuesdays are my busy days with class and work so I was only able to get the run in. I managed to make it to the gym on Wednesday before work, I did not really feel that great during the workout, but I managed to make it work. I did the same thing on Friday, and decided to rest and recover for the remainder of the weekend.

Runs: Monday was the basic 3 mile run, however it was nice enough this week to run outside, which felt amazing. Basically I did a 3/4 mile warm up run followed by the 3 miles. Since this was my first run off of the treadmill I felt pretty tired and sore after this. I felt better by Tuesday and I managed to fit my 2 mile benchmark run in before my classes. I completed this run in about 14:50, a little slower than I had hoped, but with more of these, shorter and faster paced runs, my times should quickly drop. Finally on Friday I did my 3 mile for time run. I was not pleased with my final time, of 23:10. I do know however, when I run on my actual 3 mile path that time will go down due to the less turns and elevation changes. I also would be running with other people, which definitely helps improve time. I finished the week on Sunday with a 1 mile run as fast as I could. This one was also a challenge.

Diet: My diet this week was basically the same as all of the other weeks. One thing I tried was different was a tuna avocado salad. I made it on Thursday and it lasted until Saturday. This was a very easy and delicious recipe that I tried. I changed it slightly when I remade it on Sunday. Instead of tuna, I added canned chicken, taco seasoning and black beans. One thing I would definitely do differently with this adjustment is to remove the cucumbers as they do not fit very well with the tacos.

Groceries: I ran to the grocery store on Monday of last week and picked up a lot of stuff again. Lots of avocados, spinach, eggs, frozen veggies and some microwavable rice bags, which should help me cook rice for individual meals. The only issue with this purchase was it was about $30 more than I had hoped to have spent on food. Otherwise this should last me well into next week since the freezer is pretty full.

Otherwise, I feel this project is going very well for me, and I am looking forward to ending it on a high note in the coming weeks. This has been really good for me to get on a set workout and running schedule.


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