Fitness Tracker Day 41+42 (4/18-4/19)

After my long weekend last week and Easter with my family on Saturday and Sunday it felt really good to finally get back into things this week. It is hard to believe how fast this semester has gone and how fast this blogging fitness tracker has gone by.

Tuesday was busy with classes and catching up on homework that I missed last week, so I was not able to get to the gym. Basically I got back into eating a bit healthier that day, so I stuck to eating rice, eggs and chicken. I am running low on my vegetables so I need to run to WalMart sometime later this week.

Wednesday was very open for me, so I made sure I was able to get to the gym before I had work. I know I do the back, arm and shoulder workout a lot, but I think it is the most beneficial for me for what I am trying to accomplish. I can say today I can feel the soreness in my back especially. Not the bad kind where its an injury, but the kind where you know you pushed yourself enough during the workout.

Otherwise, my diet for yesterday was nothing too different. Eggs for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and I tried a new protein blend of beans, rice and broccoli after my workout. I did not like this very much, and it lacked flavor. I was able to finish it with some sweet and sour sauce added. I think I am just going to stick to the rice and veggie bags from now on.


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