Studio Tour Exercise

Analyzing aspects of forum writing by Colton Chadderdon

The first blog I looked at was about different forums and the differences and similarities between them. Not only that but Colton’s blog had large amounts of different pieces of information like length, content, navigation and community interaction. The most interesting one to me was the interaction piece. A blog can be successful with out this, but to really take it to the next level, it will need the sense of community around it. The generation and sharing of ideas is often the most important and most beneficial part of any blog.

After reading through some other people’s studio tours on this project, I have to disagree with some of the responses. I think this is a very strong topic, and the way Colton has the blog laid out is very easy to understand and learn from.

Movies with Chloe by Chloe Smith

This blog is a pretty cool approach to viewing a very diverse selection of movies from a very long time period. When I first looked at this project, I thought it would only be one blog post per film. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were numerous posts for each film, discussing different aspects of the movie. For example, with the film “Twilight” Chloe discusses different plot points and what she liked/disliked about the film. I like this approach, because it not only gives the reader her opinions, but also lets the reader generate their own ideas about the different aspects.

Overall I think this was a great idea for a project. However, I think Chloe could have reviewed a few more movies. I did like how she mixed up the genres throughout the decades. That gives the reader a wide range of viewpoints to read about.

Pure Bliss Beauty by Madelyn Haasken

Since I no absolutely nothing about make-up and women’s clothing, the content of this blog was all very new to me. However, the lay out of everything was very well done. What was done very well was the organization of all the posts. Each one contained; pictures, brands, clothing brand names, stores and advice. I think what helps the readers the most is the prices at the end of most of the posts. They would help the readers get a feel of what they would be able to accomplish financially if they wanted to try these same styles of clothing.

Even though this topic does not relate to me at all, it was probably one of the more well done and thorough blogs that saw for this project. The simplicity of each post was easy to navigate through and allowed for easy understanding of the topic.


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