Fitness Tracker Day 33 (4/10)

After a long weekend, it was nice to finally get back into the swing of things today. My selection officer came over from Fargo to do a workout with all of the Bemidji State candidates. This workout was short, but very high intensity. It basically consisted of 5 stations, and the time at each station revolved around the guy doing pull-ups. Station 1 was just sprinting on the treadmill, station 2 was jump rope, 3 was medicine ball throws, 4 was kettle bell swings and the last was the pull-ups. The reps were 8 pull-ups, 8 push ups, then 4 pull-ups and 4 push ups and lastly 2 pull-ups and 2 push ups. We did this circuit 3 times around and finished up with about 10 minutes of abs. Overall these shorter workouts are very fun, and its amazing how much of a burn you can feel in only about 20 minutes of high intensity workouts.


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